Value of Accurate Captioning

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You may decide to have a strategy that includes uploading video content on social media like Facebook or Youtube. If you have checked videos such as cooking tutorials, cute animals doing funny things and others, on facebook recently, you’ve noticed they all have something in common that is called captioning.

You can have your highly qualified video captioning and translations on Deskdub in a few minutes with low cost.The only thing that you should do is to upload your video content. Then, your intended output is ready to be downloaded in your desired format.

There are some ways to help you to globalize your video content. You can check the article which tells you How to globalize your video content.

Captions and Subtitles

The most important issues are subtitling and captioning. Although many think that they are the same, they both have specific usage.

Captions and subtitles boost viewers’ engagement. They also can raise better understanding of videos.

Not to be confused with subtitles, which translate the video to other languages that viewers can understand, closed captioning is the exact language of the video. In its most elementary form closed captioning allows hearing impaired viewers to get what’s being spoken within the video as written words that disclose at the bottom of the screen.

But what if the audience does not clearly understand the spoken words? What if the viewers of the video are hard of hearing?

The answer to these questions lies in the service called closed caption. 

85% of hearing people watch videos without sound. For Example in an office garden or a silent coupe.

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The value of accurate caption

Hearing words and reading words are two different experiences. And the company’s challenge is to provide captions as accurate as possible in order to help hearing impaired viewers grasp. the spoken words and the tone, intend the emotion behind those words’ nuances that the healthy ear naturally detects. Accurate captioning delivers a wider, deeper and ultimately more satisfying experience to hearing challenged viewers.

Deskdub auto captioning has two parts which are called Pro captioning and Auto captioning.

There are more than 50 languages in Deskdub’s auto captioning to get captions and subtitles.

Auto Captioning

On the other hand, Deskdub’s Pro captioning offers you closed captions with the highest accuracy.

you can easily receive your captions by signing in and following some steps.

Pro captioning service on deskdub can support 6 different languages such as English, Arabic, German, French, Russian and Persian. 

Inaccurate captioning is very annoying to hearing impaired viewers, especially when the captioned words do not exactly portray and support what they are seeing.

Your content deserves better. To expand your work’s reach by investing in first-class closed captioning and subtitling.

Don’t take the easy way out.You have something to share with your audience, and few things can get in the way like inaccurate captions.

The Benefits of Accurate Captioning

Closed captioning is a system that is designed to help the hard of hearing understand television shows and movies, but the technology is additionally used to enhance your video content. Prerecorded or offline closed captioning is ideal for movies, television shows, games, and other media without a live element. Within the US, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) mandates closed captioning for broadcast.

Increased Viewer Flexibility:

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, viewers could also be in environments where access to audio is proscribed or impaired. Closed captioning allows them to look and appreciate the worth of your content whether or not they are within the library, at a concert, or on a crowded bus.

Improved Indexing and Searching:

closed captions or transcripts as metadata can make your video text-searchable. Strong new search engines are now making archived videos searchable utilizing the program’s captioning. Use These features work best when captions are accurate.

Many are visual learners and acquire a greater enjoy being about to read the dialogue additionally to listening. Closed captioning extend comprehension and retention of media content for all users.

Improved Accessibility for ESL Viewers:

There are lots of audiences with English as the second language and closed captioning helps your message to reach larger viewers.

Boosting Views and SEO Rankings

According to recent research provided by Discovery Digital Networks, closed captions and transcripts to video content increases search traffic, page views, and engagement significantly. Additionally, captions are shown to improve SEO rankings and extend keyword density and diversity. Simply stated, closed captioning makes it easier for people to find online video content, which implies more audiences.