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If you want to watch a video in the original language but you do not have the language knowledge, watching the video with subtitles is the right solution. Translate video subtitle with an online software can be very helpful. You can search through the internet to find the right subtitle, but usually you can’t find one that is truly synced and well translated. What would you do in that situation?

We have a solution for you to have the best subtitle you need! So stay tuned.

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Since time is so important and valuable, An online or offline platform for translating subtitles can be very helpful.

Why Do We Need To add Captions or Subtitles Our Videos?

Captioning videos can be helpful for different groups of people:

  1. Educators and students
  2. Teachers
  3. Researchers
  4. Content creators
  5. International brands
  6. influencers

A Top video content creators and brands are mostly very passionate and creative and they put so much effort into creating videos. They always think about expanding their audience. If you are a video creator, you should think of that too. Because you believe your videos deserve to be seen by everyone who needs it, wherever they live. 

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Translate Video Online (translate Captions)

Translate video subtitles online: you can make your videos approachable to a worldwide audience with deskdub online automatic video translation software.

If you want to offer your business to non-natives and have more interactions with them, it will be a good method to caption your videos into other languages and send them to your customers.

Besides, researches have shown that subtitled movies in comparison to movies without subtitles, are more attractive on social media, and capture people’s attention more.

Movie Subtitle Translator (Add Subtitles To Movies)

It is vital to pay attention to the details and exact meaning of the words in the translation, because a mistake in the film or video causes unwanted misunderstanding. If you plan to translate videos by your own, it can be somehow complicated and time consuming, because first you need to generate captions in the original language of the movie and then you can try to translate the captions into another language. Using an online video translation software can do the job for you in an easier way. It can generate captions automatically in few minutes. then the captions will be translated to any language you desire. (+50 languages)

So the point that need to be mentioned is:

How to Translate Subtitles? (Auto Subtitle Translator Online)

The translations must be accurate, saving time and money.

You might think of giving your subtitle to a translator or a translation institute, but this can take a lot of time and the translator might not know anything about captioning videos and how to make it synced to the sound. 

So we have a better solution for you. Using an online platform to generate subtitles for your video and translate it to any language you desire.

Deskdub platform is using an artificial intelligence to create subtitles and captions for your video, and also it can translate it automatically. To do that, you need to go to your panel and upload your video. Then you can download your subtitles (as a softsub file or attached to the video (hardsub) ) in just a few minutes.

Subtitle Translation Output

Download your translations as a (SRT) or (TXT) file or burn them into your video permanently to make your content accessible to everyone and it can be shown on any device with the video.

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Generate English Subtitles Online 

Not only english, but you can generate subtitles in any language which is supported. Deskdub program provides facilities for all people to use the platform online on any device that connects to the internet. and we are online to support your request.

You can generate your own subtitles and translate them with any system: on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, & any mobile phone without downloading any extra software.

When you want to use the deskdub platform, you just need to have access to the Internet. The next step is to create an account and upload your video.

All your projects are centralized, and their history will remain available for you.

Subtitling Services

There are two types of services. The first group is the one which uses subtitles in the same language as the audio, it supports the deaf and hard of hearing in understanding the audio. The other type is the time when subtitles are in a different language to what is recorded on the soundtrack. For each type, you can upload your video on deskdub then you will get the transcription of the language you want.

How to Translate Video Subtitles Online on Deskdub:

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1. Upload Video or Audio Files

2. Translate Video Subtitles Online

Translations happen automatically; upload a subtitle file and click ‘Translate’ and select the language.

3. Review and Edit 

Once the automatic translation has been generated, you will have access to an overview and make changes as needed; subtitles must be perfectly matched to the audio of your video, even you can edit the subtitle if you want to add some extra points.

4. Download Output

The main point about translating video subtitles online is that it happens very quickly.

If you plan to do your translation in any service companies, do some research; Because, the translation is a technical task, so make sure you choose the experts who have the appropriate skills and technologies.

In the meantime, you are not alone; and you will have our support and we will answer your questions online if needed.

How long it takes to create the subtitles depends on your project, but you will receive your auto subtitles in just a few minutes.

Subtitles with misspellings or sentences that are too long are a disadvantage.

You can have a sample work before the translation project starts, meaning you can generate subtitles for a short video for free; This can be a relief, So you can check their quality and standard.