6 Reasons Why Translating Video Content Is Worth It (Video Translation Guide)

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Nowadays people are spending more time using their phones or PCs to surf the net and watch videos to learn a new skill or just for fun. We can see video contents everywhere; content creators post videos on youtube, instagram, advertisement, personal websites & etc. you might be one as well!

 Top video content creators and brands are mostly very passionate and creative and they put so much effort into creating videos. They always think about expanding their audience. If you are a video creator, you should think of that too. Because you believe your videos deserve to be seen by everyone who needs it, wherever they live. 

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To expand your audience around the world, you need video translation. In the following paragraphs I will tell you why and How you can translate your video contents.

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1.Build an international brand by translating your video content (video marketing)

With almost three billion users worldwide visiting YouTube each month, it is clear that brand video marketing can be even more valuable overseas. As such, capitalizing on the work you have already done on your videos by translating them is an excellent way to reach 75% of potential customers who prefer to purchase items in their own language.

 The rise in video content isn’t just for English-speaking regions and consumers. In many other countries even expect to be informed in this way by reputable brands. Latin America, for example, has the highest demand for video content worldwide. Across the globe, Saudi Arabia is the country with the highest levels of daily online video access.

As a fact you should consider these numbers to make a better decision about translating you video contents:

  • The highest level of daily online video access is happening in Saudi Arabia.
  • On average, people in China and Sweden are watching 103 minutes of videos per day.
  • 72% of the population in the Asia-Pacific region will be using the internet by 2023.
  • By 2023, 9 million people in Latin America will be digital video watchers.

So as you can see the growth of technology and changing people’s habits, can be useful for international brands and video creators. By engaging a wider audience who are watching and understanding your videos, you can reach a larger number of customers. 

Still using a well-translated video can be challenging. Because you need to translate your video and add the translation to it with subtitles. Deskdub as a video translation software can help you through this. By signing up on this website, you will have the access to auto translate your videos and generate subtitles online.

2.Your video contents capture more attention with translation.

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 71% of B2B marketers create video content. If you are one of them, then many of your local audience has likely watched your videos. But what if more customers around the globe were watching your content?

Without video translation, even if non-English speakers were to come across your videos, they will probably click away from them once they realize they can’t understand it. Although visual cues in a video can go a long way, viewers are also less likely to share your content if you haven’t translated and localized your content.

By video translation Save time and money (video marketing)

You’ve already gone to the effort of producing the content, so it makes sense to maximize its value!

If you already have existing video content, why let it go to waste when you’re trying to build your brand globally? If it works well in drawing in English-speaking leads, the chances are that it will be equally well-received in international markets if presented in the local language. According to HubSpot, 85% of businesses now have internal staff and resources to produce videos in-house. Localizing your videos by liaising with your translation partner to introduce multilingual subtitling/voiceover will extend the impact of the content you’ve already put your resources into producing, by allowing it to be appreciated by prospects around the world.

You can reach a wider audience and more customers with the same video content that you have created in your native language. You just need to check the video technically to suit the other cultures and if it is easily understandable for a foreigner.

Then you can leave the rest to us. We have created an online platform, which uses AI technology to auto translate videos and audios online. With Deskdub video translation software, you just need to upload your video and in just a few minutes your translated video is ready to download. 

Subtitles will be generated for your video. And you can choose to download it as a srt file or burn it to the video online for free.

3.Video translation improve your content strategy

By translating your videos, you can boost your reach, increase engagement, and improve the ROI (Return on investment) on your content.

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 4.Boost your Organic Reach by video content translation

Organic search is the most effective way for audiences to discover your video content. In fact, 53% of website traffic comes from organic search.

According to a study from Cisco,

  •  By 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be video content. 

Therefore, to succeed with SEO, video should be a core part of your strategy.

Translation actually increases the potential reach of your video content. By adding subtitles to your videos in multiple languages, you allow search engines to crawl everything that was said in your video, which will increase the chances of showing up in search results in multiple languages.

Adding transcripts and captions to your videos is a proven strategy for improving search rankings, views, and engagement. By adding an additional layer of video translation for your global target markets, you’re increasing your keyword diversity to help your content rank for a multitude of relevant terms.

Did you know that 60% of all video views on YouTube come from non-English users?

 imagine the difference you create only by adding video transcriptions in multiple languages.

5. Boost Engagement by video translation

Adding subtitles to a video increases video viewing time by an average of 40%. Research from PLYmedia says.

According to the research, “Without subtitles, the videos were watched (on average) 66% to completion, compared with 91% with subtitles. The average improvement in audience viewing was 38%.”

Therefore, subtitles not only enable you to reach a wider audience, they also help improve viewing times and engagement once they’re watching your videos.

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6. Improve ROI by video translation

To be honest, creating quality videos is a costly investment. As with every other marketing activity you do, you have to justify the budget.

While sometimes costly up front, video adds great value because it can be reused across many different channels. You can share videos on YouTube, social media, email, and on your website.

Now you are familiar with the benefits of translating videos. Video translation helps you to grow your brand and video content. As well as saving money and time, you can reach potential customers across the globe.

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