Subtitle and Video SEO: Improve The Ranking of Your Videos With Captions

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As a video marketer or video content creator you must know the importance of video SEO. Video SEO is simply optimizing your video to be indexed and ranked on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches.  This process involves creating video metadata that is relevant to what people are searching for as well as building video content that generates traffic for a specific website. For example if you’ve created a video about “Learning English”, “Learning English” will be your keyword. So you should optimize your video based on this keyword. One way to boost your video ranking, is to add subtitles and captions to the video. In the following paragraphs, I will tell you why and how you should caption your videos.

The Importance of Subtitles and Captions for Video SEO

Google (or another search engine) reads the content and then based on the keywords, the content will be shown to the people who are searching for the keywords.but search engines are unable to actually watch a video. The only information it can crawl is text associated with it (for example, video title, description, keywords, annotations, calls-to-action, caption and subtitles). With subtitles, your video’s keyword depth increases – your content gets indexed even by keywords that don’t appear in tags, titles, or descriptions, but present in subtitles.

Closed Caption or Open Caption for Video Seo ?

Subtitle and Video SEO: Improve The Ranking of Your Videos With Captions

There are some differences between Closed captions and Open captions. So lets see the differences first:

Closed captions: they can be turned on or off with the click of a button of your media player. 

Open captions: they are part of the video itself and cannot be turned off. So you can play the movie or the video with any device with the captions automatically.

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Since open captions are technically a part of the video—which search algorithms cannot accurately—this text file is essential for video SEO purposes. So this only applies to closed captions added in post-production via text file.

So use closed captions for your videos online:

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Well-Captioned Video Improves UX and User Engagement

In addition to semantic relevance, Google also assesses your video according to their performance. The more a video keeps the attention of viewers and pushes for engagement (likes, comments), the better your video ranking. Based on research people watch videos longer when they contain captions . As a result, captioned and subtitled videos are better valued by Google.

This also applies to your website user-experience. Google reviews the way your users stay and interact in your site’s pages (bounce rate, session time, number of pages visited). By adding subtitled video on your pages, you offer more visual and interactive content and keep your audience’s attention longer.

As you can see, adding quality subtitles on your videos provide many SEO benefits.

Subtitles Enhance the Consistency and Semantic density of your pages.

Subtitles can strengthen your ranking on more generic and competitive keywords. For example, you can add a video to a post aiming a highly requested keyword, and further increase its semantic power. This will help it reach the first pages or even the first results on Google.

Translate your Videos by Adding Subtitles 

Adding Subtitles helps you to grow your audience as well as you can improve your video SEO.

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 You can reach a wider audience and more customers with the same video content that you have created in your native language. You just need to check the video technically to suit the other cultures and if it is easily understandable for a foreigner.

Then you can leave the rest to us. We have created an online platform, which uses AI technology to auto translate videos and audios online. With Deskdub video translation software, you just need to upload your video and in just a few minutes your translated video is ready to download. 

Subtitles will be generated for your video. And you can choose to download it as a srt file or burn it to the video online for free.

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More Benefits of Adding Captions to a Video:

Based on verizonmedia’s research :
80% of people who use captions aren’t deaf or hard of hearing. 

69% of people report viewing videos without sound in public.

25% of people report viewing videos without sound in private places.

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As a result you should Add Captions and Subtitles to your Videos because:

Now you know how much subtitles can boost your video ranking by improving your video SEO. there are more reasons to add subtitles to every video you create:

  • Adding subtitles allows people to watch video even when the sound can’t be played: for example, during work time in the office, in public transport, or late at night. Subtitles give more options to people who want to view your content anytime they want.
  • Making your content accessible to those who can’t hear normally. According to statistics, around 14% of adults aged between 45 and 64 experience some problems with hearing. Of course, providing such people the opportunity to enjoy your content will be a plus for you.
  • Some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter auto-play videos without sound in the news feed. That shouldn’t mean less engaging video experience for your viewers if you’re using video subtitles. The text they can see in the video player helps them to understand your topic better and motivates them to view the full video with sound.
  • Attracting foreign viewers. Make your content competitive by expanding video outreach to more locations. With video subtitles, you can translate your video to an unlimited number of languages and allow your viewers to choose the one they are most comfortable with

Instead of wasting excess time transcribing videos yourself, check out how the team at Deskdub can help. Deskdub has a platform to translate videos online.  All you’ll need to do is send us the video you need transcribed, and we’ll transcribe or caption your video in just a few minutes. And also you can translate your videos into +50 languages to make your content accessible to the world. You’ll then be able to publish the video with captions on a number of platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook or Instagram.

deskdub video translation software. add subtitles and captions to video