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Pro Translation or Auto Translation?

Adding subtitles to your videos will lead to benefits of heightening engagement metrics beyond the board. By Deskdub’s auto translation service, you can add foreign subtitles in over 50 languages in just a few minutes and the accuracy of that is 70% . On the other hand Deskdub’s Pro translation service offers you subtitles with 99.9% accuracy. The following questions will guide you in choosing the right option:

Deskdub’s pro translation service is able to translate your videos from English to Arabic and French and vice versa. But Deskdub AI translation service can translate your videos from any language into +50 languages and vice versa.

The accuracy of Auto subtitle translation is around 65% but Deskdub ‘s pro translation, adds foreign subtitles with 99% correctness.

If you want to translate your videos with a low budget, Deskdub’s AI translation is the best choice for you. But as long as the accuracy of this service is 65%, you should apply some edits to optimize the quality of translation. But if you are willing to pay a bit more, you can have the best foreign subtitles translated by human experts.

If you are not able to understand the target language very well, and you can’t correct automatic translations, we recommend that you use our pro translation service so that there is no mistake in your translations.

If you have enough time to correct the machine translation’s error, you can use Deskdub’s AI translation which is fast and affordable. Otherwise, we suggest you use Deskdub’s pro translation service.

If you want to publish a video for marketing or selling, we recommend that you use Deskdub’s pro translation service which delivers accurate and user-friendly translations and subtitles.

But if your goal is self-educating and a translation with 60% accuracy can do the job, you can use automatic translation.

You are able to edit both Auto-subtitles and Pro-subtitles generated by Deskdub’s translation services. Also you can add extra phrases simply and free! But as mentioned above, you might need to apply more edits to the output of the auto-translation service.


Why Us ?


Generate foreign subtitles

Add English, French or Arabic subtitles to grow your audience and improve your SEO video ranking.


99% accuracy of translation

We have professional translators in our team who can add French and Arabic subtitles to your English Videos.


Fastest and the most accurate

You will have the foreign subtitles of your video as soon as possible.


Affordable price

We offer you the best quality with the lowest price among other subtitling services.


Subtitles Output

With only a simple click, your intended output is ready to be downloaded in srt or hardsub format.

Quality matters for us

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Common Questions

You can upload video files with mov, avi,mp4 and mkv formats and audio files with mp3 format.

Deskdub’s pro translation service is able to translate your videos from English to Arabic and French and vice versa. But Deskdub AI translation service can translate your videos from English into +50 languages and vice versa. 

First, you need to create your own user account by signing up on the website. Then you upload your videos in the “creating Project” section and you’ll be transferred to the payment gateway. Once the process of transaction is completed, the software informs our translators to do the job . It takes a few hours to a few days until your foreign subtitles get ready. (it depends on your original video).  then the subtitle file is ready for you to download.

Depending on the duration of your video, the process of pro translation may take up to a day or more. But it wouldn’t be more than 10 days on the whole.

Deskdub’s translation platform is developed in a way that nobody has any access to the video and translation but the owner of the content. Your videos are well protected.

Deskdub’s online translation software doesn’t need to be installed. It is ready for work online on your browser. So you have real time access to the platform on your smartphone or pc. Just simply sign up, create your project, go to your translation section, and enjoy the pro translation.

No. you can use this online software on any system such as pc, smartphone, tablet and so on.

Your output can be downloaded in srt format, hardcoded subtitle in mp4, or with multi subtitles in mkv.