Amazing Skills You Can Learn Online With Videos (Translate any Video and Learn)

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Since technology and the internet have found their way to our homes, many things have changed. To see the bright side, Doing so many things has become easier and faster. And online education tools empower millions of people around the world to build their skills, and create meaningful changes in their lives. So during our free time or quarantine we can use tutorials to expand our skills. You can learn many different skills through videos. Doesn’t matter if you are a fan of cooking, writing,creating video contents, fixing things, doing make up or even sports etc. you still can find the certain tutorial videos to learn these skills and to improve your abilities. 

You can find tutorial videos in any language. Translating the videos might be a challenge. Especially if you are not familiar with the language. To solve that problem, we have created a solution! A video translation software.

With Deskdub video translation software you can easily translate your videos or subtitles to any language. Our AI supports over 50 languages. So all you need to do is to send us the video files, and after a few minutes you will receive the video translation. We can translate videos by adding captions from any language you desire to English. You try now:

translate education and tutorial videos with translation software - Deskdub

Learning From Youtube Tutorials 

You can learn from many education websites for free or paid. One of the biggest websites to watch tutorial videos is youtube.A Pew research study that surveyed 4,594 Americans in 2018 found that 51 percent of YouTube users say they rely on the video service to figure out how to do new things, and the service proved important both for regular users and irregular users. “That works out to 35 percent of all U.S. adults, once both users and non-users of the site are accounted for,” the study reads.

If you like to see what are the top “how to” searches on youtube, you can simply try. Let’s see together now:

how to youtube learning - translate videos from youtube

Translate youtube videos with video translation software

You can learn many skills from youtube videos only by searching the right keywords.A study by  Twinword  has analyzed the languages of the top 250 YouTube channels and found that 66% of the content is in English, while 22% are in Spanish and Portuguese. 

This shows that however many youtube videos are in English but 34 percent of them are not. And the tutorial that you are seeking for might be one of them. 

So you will need to translate them to understand better. Youtube generates subtitles for videos automatically which you can use in this case. But the translation isn’t that accurate and it might cause misunderstandings at some points.

We offer you to use automatic video translation. It is very fast, easy to work with and you can edit the subtitles and make the best captions that you need.

translate subtitles and generate caption- deskdub

Why use video in learning?

There are many reasons to learn things with videos. Over the past few years, videos are being widely used in classrooms for supporting a teachers curriculum and helping students learn the material faster than ever. Research shows that 94% of the teachers have effectively used videos during the academic year and they have found video learning quite effective. It is even better than teaching students through traditional text-books. As well as videos are very helpful in classrooms, they can be very helpful at home for self learnings. 

And also:

  • 1. Through videos, you get to process information fast
  • 2. Video simplifies learning by visualising subjects
  • 3. Video is the best tool for self learners. It is like you brough teacher home.
  • 4.  Video is a tool for powerful storytelling
  • 5.  Video makes learning Abstract concepts faster and easier.
  • 6. Video delivers high value and impact
Amazing Skills You Can Learn Online With Videos (Translate any Video and Learn)

20 Best Skills To Learn At Home By Video Tutorials For Free

Now that we talked about how learning from videos can help, let’s look at the best skills that you can learn online. We made this list of the 20 most amazing skills. These skills can change your life. Because we chose the ones that are popular and enjoyable to learn and also very helpful for many careers. you can learn one of these skills and create your own content. If you are a video creator, we recommend you to translate your videos contents so that the world can have access to them.

   You can use the skills to make an income or use them for improving your daily routine or just for fun. It is up to you!

  1. Communicating
  2. Language skills
  3. Photography skills
  4. Podcasting
  5. SEO and/or Google Analytics
  6. Technical Writing
  7. DIY routine
  8. Budgeting
  9. Public Speaking
  10. Social media marketing
  11. UX design
  12. WordPress
  13. Copywriting
  14. Video production skills
  15. Creating Video content 
  16. Microsoft Word skills
  17. PowerPoint
  18. Fashion 
  19. Painting
  20. Resume skills