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how to transcribe audio to text | deskdub online automatic video caption and translation software website

Many software and tools feature transcribing audio to text like Google Doc; the feature is intended for people who cannot quickly type or who prefer to dictate notes, transcribes the words you speak into a Google Doc.

We want our transcription to be correct. So if we use google tools,The resulting text has a small error, so we can correct them ourselves or trust the institutions that provide services professionally because they monitor in several stages and submit our request with more accuracy.Transcribing audio to text for each client has different standards; depending on the purpose of each client for transcribing, Deskdub as a service company will  consider your wish, to offer you the best relevant service.

transcribe audio to text

Audio that has been recorded should be clear and well for transcribing. You can upload the audio file in one of the several file formats in your user panel on Deskdub.

You can either have the export file as a Word document or as a subtitle format like (SRT, VTT,…) file if you enabled the option during upload. 

Transcribing your media with DeskDub software takes less than 5 minutes to convert the audio to text. Which means you can save much more time with deskdub AI tech, rather than transcribing your mp3 file or videos to text. your workflow and do more transcriptions in less time.

Benefits of transcribing audio to text

If you ask why you should transcribe your audio and caption your podcasts, we can tell you the benefits. transcribing audio and publishing your podcast with captions can grow your podcast audience and you will allow more people to have access to your content, e.g. hard-of-hearing people.

This is not the only reason. By transcribing podcasts you can ‏ improve your SEO. because search engines like Google can read transcriptions better this way. so when you add transcription and captions, you will allow the search engines to find you easier and as a result people who are searching for your content will find you faster.

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Transcribe MP3 to text online

If you need your MP3 file be transcribed to text, you also can use Deskdub’s online platform. You just need to sign in to your account and upload your MP3 file. After paying a very low cost, you can download your caption as a softsub or hardsub format. Or you can download the transcription as a microsoft word file format.

how to transcribe audio to text | deskdub online automatic video caption and translation software website

Captioning video online

In captioning, it is important for us to sync video with the caption. like a movie with subtitles, the conversation that takes place at any given time is displayed on the image simultaneously. For example, for the second 40th to the second 43rd, the phrase “Deskdub is the best translation and dubbing platform” is a block.

The next thing is the ability to adjust and synchronize the subtitles on the movie. You can add the generated caption to the movie. This can be in the form of hardsub or soft subtitle (SRT). Generating captions or writing English subtitles or translating them into any supported language is one of Deskdub’s services, which can be easily done on our platform.

Software for creating subtitle for video (video captioning software )

Video dialogue can also be converted to text with Deskdub online software. This software can be used online within this website and does not require special installation, and you can use this platform with your Android or IOS  mobile phone or computer. So you can easily have subtitles for your video.

If you need to translate and produce synchronized subtitles for your video file from any language to another language, you can also figure this out in your user panel with the most appropriate quality and lowest price. Deskdub currently supports 6 languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Turkish and Persian; And at your request, automatically or by an expert, translates the file you want.

How to caption song lyrics ?

we suggest using the Deskdub online platform. The artificial intelligence designed on the Deskdub website also has the ability to detect rhythmic audio files and convert them to text. 

Simple way to transcribe your audio file to text & captioning your video : try now;

Essential benefits of transcribing audio to text with Deskdub: 

  • Time effective
  • Cost-effective

Search your audio files keywords in seconds; also Convert hours of audio and video to text in minutes.

 With the account you create, you will get instant access to the operating system, select your application, and get started.

A transcription company consists of professional transcription experts, proofreaders, and customer support specialists; all employees are carefully trained and regularly check their services to ensure good performance and quality.

It is commonly necessary to request a quote indicating the number of speakers, accents, and other audio characteristics. A professional who quickly and accurately transcribes your audio to text.

In the method we want to use for transcription, sometimes an error will occur, and it is inevitable. But we assure you that our customer’s service will help you to achieve your goal.

So the principles that should be considered in choosing a company for transcription are that; ADVANCED SYSTEM for the audio transcription process. They have the ability to protect privacy. They must ensure that project deliverables meet quality requirements and deadlines.

caption and translation is a better way for your film and subtitle. you can try it on Deskdub.


Commen Questions

How can we transcribe audio to text?

You can do this easily and very quickly with deskdub online software.

How to caption a video?

Captioning a video needs a platform to transcribe audio to text and set each block to a certain time. Deskdub online software can help you to do so easily.