Benefits Of Subtitling Videos To Reach An International Audience

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benefits of captioning- Deskdub

When you want to upload a video which is not in English, you should consider that it may not be viewed with lots of viewers. Why? Because English is an international language, so if you want to publish your content, it should be in a way that all can understand.

For instance, if your videos are in Spanish language, so your audiences are just the ones whose mother tongue is Spanish.

Indeed, The majority of people are english speaking and it is better to try to make original language videos. The more people react to your videos,The more your content will be viewed.But it is not possible in all ranges.

Anyway, there is an easy way which your viewers can download the video content and share it on Deskdub Video Translation to get the translation file with high quality and less time.

How to raise Video Audiences

Social media is expanding very quickly. Each of them have specific methods to reach a high amount of viewers.

There are different kinds of media such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.Some people spend lots of money to raise their audiences. Actually it is not the best choice.

Now, I want to mention some significant steps on each of those platforms.

 How to raise Video Audiences


Over half a billion people are watching video on Facebook everyday and one third of all online activity is spent watching video. It’s no longer a question of just how powerful video actually is, but what you as a marketer can do to make your video content more effective in reaching the right people.

On Facebook, 85 percent of videos are watched on mute.

Facebook says adding captions to your video can boost view time by 12 percent.

the more people that are using the platform, the less likely you are to see on facebook. however it is quite normal, and it also happens on every single platform like Instagram and Youtube؛and facebook is not different.

What should we do to raise our audiences? There are 3 main steps:

  1. Post more videos
  2.  Upload videos that are at least 3 minutes long
  3.  For videos with dialogue include captions with your videos to increase watch time and reach more people.

So if your videos have dialogue you can use website like Deskdub which you can use to basically get captions for your videos and make sure that whenever someone is watching your videos with no sound that they have their captions, you increase your possibilities of increasing your watch times and at the same time, more engagement and bigger reach.


If you are trying to target a specific audience on instagram then that means you have probably already chosen marketing to work with.

  1. become a content machine.Post more contents.

 For example, if you are a fitness coach you know the type of post and how to be posted. It’s probably work out and healthy meals.

So every time you go to the gym or you cook, you need to start filming yourself.

If you don’t have anything to share with them, they are not finding a reason to follow you.

It is highly recommended to post 5 to 20 stories per day.

  1. Commit to a specific number of times you will be posting every week.

Take advantage of the followers you currently have.

  1. nurture the relationship with your followers.Especially if you just started out and you dont have alot engagement a great way to grow your audience is getting to know them and talk to them.
  1. when you get a specific comment on your pictures or videos.


Digital Discovery Network did a study where they found that captioned videos bring in 7.32 % more views.

So there is that and it makes sense because it’s metadata.

There are millions of videos on youtube which users prefer to make in English language.

However, close captions are available on youtube, they are not accurate enough.

I recommend you to read more about Why captions are important.

Youtube typically is only 70% correct on your captions which means that the automatic captions that are supplied by youtube can actually give the wrong metadata or give the wrong information about what your video is about.

So you can use another action which is highly accurate and fast.

With Captioning Video Online all you have to do is upload your video or share the link on Deskdub. After a few minutes the captions will be generated and you can download the file as closed captions or as open captions. You can try it now:

Benefits of captioning and subtitling

One incredibly easy way you can boost your video’s power? Add captions!

Of course, subtitles make videos easier to understand, but the benefits of adding captions go so far beyond that! From boosting engagement metrics to optimizing SEO and making videos easier to comprehend for those with disabilities, video captions have tremendous power in boosting your brand’s worth. Subtitle and Video SEO can show you the way and how it works.

Captions will support your audiences that are deaf or hard-of-hearing to follow your content.

To read more check the article why captions are important.