How to Globalize My Video Content (For Brands and Freelancers)

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In 2021, consumers are watching more video content than ever before. If you are a content producer, content strategist or a blogger and influencer, you must have thought of going viral around the globe. Not just in your region. This matter is important for both freelancers and brands (companies). The Internet makes it possible for any company to market to a global audience, but it’s not easy to do global marketing successfully. In this article we are going to talk about the ways to make your content global. and how translating videos online can help you through this journey.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a use of content to market your business.This consists of any type of material your company creates like blogs, ebooks, social media posts and so on.

Why is content marketing the best form of marketing?

That’s because it eliminates competition, builds undeniable trust and it is 10 times cheaper than traditional forms of advertising over the long-term.

How can you get started with content marketing?

By first determining your brand story, developing quality content, adding value at each stage of your content and making sure that people actually see.

1. Unify your video content (create unique content)

The more your content remains original, the more your audience finds you attractive. If you need ideas, You can Memorize the following ideas and tricks to create attractive video content:

  • Create Behind-the-Scenes videos
  • Show your Company Culture
  •  Tutorial/How To video contents
  • Create User-Generated Content
  • create vlogs
  • Translate related contents then personalize them 

2. Select Suitable Imagery and clear videos

What happens when the video or the image doesn’t manage to evoke the right emotions or, worse, comes across as offensive? So even before thinking of translating your content, reconsider your media and put yourself in a foreign audiences’ shoes. 

Opt for suitable media that speaks to your local target audience and is familiar to them. One brand that does image localization well is Roku. They highlight different imagery to reflect the shows that are popular among their respective audiences, thereby compelling users to take the desired action. Notice how their “What to Watch” page differs in the U.S. and France versions.

3. Translate your content to different languages

To develop global marketing content, you need to translate your campaigns and value propositions into a wide range of languages. Reading the article generate subtitle online is also recommended. if your content contains media like videos and audios, they have more chance to be seen by different audiences. 

You might ask how can I translate my media when I don’t know many languages?

We are here to help you through this. You can generate subtitles in different languages, using Deskdub AI translation software. It is an online software that all you need to do is upload your media after signing in. then in a few minutes your translated subtitle will be prepared to download. You can either download it as a srt file (soft sub) or burn it to the video (hard sub). If you would like to know more about automatic subtitle translator , we recommend you to read this article as well. 

4. Consider your audiences satisfaction (People think more of you when you think more about them)

Being successful as a global content producer or as a brand, is not only about translating words from one language into another, but rather about conveying ideas from one cultural baseline to another. 

If Ask anyone who has visited another country for the first time: you soon find you need more than words alone to have your meaning understood. Sometimes, those misunderstandings lead to tensions and less than ideal outcomes.

There are many examples of famous brands that made big mistakes only because of a cultural misunderstanding. 

When it comes to writing for global audiences, a good rule of thumb is to create content that can appeal to a wider audience. It’s important to know your audience and recognize their wishes. So define your audience persona to create a better plan for your content. If you look at famous brands and monitor their video content, you will see how they have customized their contents. If you liked this article, please inform us to explain more about it. I hope you create the best video contents and make us proud !