Some reasons Why You Should Transcribe Conferences

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conference transcription

Are you organizing a conference, seminar, business meeting or other event purpose to interchange instruction between people?

A conference is a meeting of a group of people to discuss a particular topic.

Conference transcription is one of the simplest ways to enhance the value of your meetings and presentations.

The best choice instead of note-taking by hand is AI translation software that can transcribe both speech and audio. It helps audiences concentrate on the speaker sessions while providing them with a detailed transcript at the end of every session.

Types of conferences

There are different kinds of conferences:

  • A symposium is an occasional gathering and includes refreshments and entertainment.
  • A seminar organized to debate a selected topic. They are usually educational in nature and audiences expect to grow new knowledge or skills at the end of the seminar. There are lots of seminars which have been recorded on youtube and TED that use captions. cause it is a way to enhance the SEO and your audience.
  • A workshop is more of a hands-on experience for the participants with demonstrations and activities; the amount of time one speaker addresses the group is limited
  • A round-table conference is a get-together of peers to exchange opinions on a certain topic, usually political or commercial. There are a limited number of participants who sit at a round table. So that each one can face all the others.

It’s definitely true that a high-quality conference recording is a practical way to keep content for future reference, however these recordings become even more versatile once they transcribe.

AI video translation on Deskdub is available to give you high qualified transcription in a few minutes.

Why should we use transcribe

1.Business Action Plans

The goal of any meeting is to plan specific action items previously. For example, the attendees of conferences might share information on different strategies that are relevant to the success of a project. It can eventually lead to the expansion of the organization. Document the sessions to hold a large range of strategies and action plans for different projects in your company.

 2. The deaf and hard of hearing

Transcribing and captioning are always an important part of a video. For instance, they help you to grow your audience and are also beneficial for the ones who are hard of hearing or deaf. When reaching for a greater number of individuals, it’s only right to think and verify all possible methods to induce to your attendees. Although conferences are ideally intended for announcements to be spoken aloud, it couldn’t hurt to figure a bit extra for an alternative to send your message through the opposite end.

 3.Connection between clients

Undoubtedly, conferences are a superb mode of feeding data and key points to people, but not everyone has the time and energy to partake or re-watch them fully in the least amount of time. This can be where having letters and numbers in writing come to play.

Through prepared transcripts, sending out notes and forwarding texted meeting summaries to current customers or probable clients become an easy-breezy task to keep them within the loop on how things are looking within the company.

If the market keep involve and updated, this more likely may lead to long-lasting and stronger connections, which may drive the org to bolder successes.

conference transcription

4. To reach a global audience

Once you get your conference transcription, it’s easy to translate it into other languages. This suggests you to have the choice of reaching a worldwide audience, outside of the language the first conference is conducting in.

5.Automatic subtitles

If you’ve recorded your conference on video, you’ll want to incorporate subtitles. You don’t even need to do anything for that, just convert your transcript to SRT format and add it to your video.

automatic video translation on Deskdub can make an accurate translation in just a few minutes.

6. Highlight the finer point

Similarly, conference organizers can use conference transcription to simply highlight the most important points of the proceedings. A written account of the conference allows you to quickly pinpoint important aspects during a visual manner, via bold headings or bullet points, for example.

7.Detailed record

Transcription can include everything that is going to say in a conference. Very convenient if you would like to quote or report someone’s findings. Last, if you get all the data – no idea or thought will stray or forget.

We believe that transcription will help you to achieve more value from each and all conferences that you just organize or attend.

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