Automatic Voiceover

Online Translation and Voice-Over In A Few Minutes. You can use DeskDub’s high-tech software to translate your videos and add Voice Overs in +30 languages with advanced AI voice generator.


How It Works ?

1. Upload

Upload your videos or audios.

2. Translate to 30+ languages

Automatically translate your video to 30+ languages at the press of a button.

3. choose and synthesize

Select from a list of AI generated voices and dub your videos into the language of your choice.

4. Edit and export

You can easily edit timestamps and export or embed your voiceovers in any language you want.

DeskDub‘s Auto Voice Over:

Speech is an essential component of any soundtrack, whether you’re watching or listening to it. Speech can come from people we see in the movie (on-screen) or people we don’t see in the movie (off-screen), such as the narrator’s voice. Our Auto Voice-Over Service can translate your movie and give your production a voice in +30 languages, whether you work with e-learning modules, video manuals for your products, global commercials, or movies. Deskdub makes “foreign language voiceover dubbing” fast and simple. Instead of waiting weeks and spending thousands of dollars to voiceover and dub your videos into foreign languages, use Deskdub video dubber to voiceover your files automatically in minutes! Allow DeskDub to serve as your automatic voiceover artist!


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Why Us ?


Add Automatic

You can simply turn the voice of your video into another language in just minutes. Translate spoken words and phrases in +30 languages.


Increase Your Audience

By DeskDub’s Auto Voice-Over Service, Make your videos accessible to people who speak different languages.


Fastest Services

Your videos or audios can be completely translated and voice-overs added in a matter of minutes.


Edit simple

Deskdub allows you to edit each block (phrase) as you see fit. As a result, the voice-overs can be customized to your needs.


Affordable price

We offer you the best quality with the lowest price among other voice-over services.



With only a simple click, your intended output is ready to be downloaded in video or audio format.


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Common Questions

You can upload video files with mov, avi,mp4 and mkv formats and audio files with mp3 format.

You can add Voice-Overs to your videos in +30 Languages.

First, you need to create your own user account by signing up on the website. Then you upload your videos in the “creating Project” section and you’ll be transferred to the payment gateway. Once the process of transaction is completed, the software starts to do the job . It takes only a few moments until your voice overs get ready. (it depends on your original video).  then the voice-over file is ready for you to download. And you can download it as an extra audio file or burn it to the video.

Depending on the duration of your video, the process of auto voice-over  may take up to a few minutes or more. But it wouldn’t be more than 30 minutes on the whole.

Other than the voice-overs, you can choose the background sound to be mute, or the original sound of the video, or additional music.

Deskdub’s voice-over platform is developed in a way that nobody has any access to the video and captions but the owner of the content. Your videos are well protected.

Deskdub’s AI Translation and Voice-Over software doesn’t need to be installed. It is ready for work online on your browser. So you have real time access to the platform on your smartphone or pc. Just simply sign up, create your project, go to your voice-over section, and enjoy.

And you can download it as an extra audio file or burn it to the video.

WaveNet technology

DeepMind conducted groundbreaking research on machine learning models to create languages that mimic human voices and sound more natural. This research will reduce the gap in human speech by more than 70%. Voice Over Maker Text-to-Speech provides access to more than 100+ WaveNet voices. More voices will be added over time.