Add Captions to your videos automatically, in just minutes (caption maker software)

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Add caption automatically

With online automatic video caption in Deskdub you can easily caption your video to text. Online automatic video caption has lots of advantages. In particular, captions are divided into two groups; closed captions and open captions. To read more about captioning check the article Why are captions important.

Many people tend to confuse captions with subtitles. To know the differences,you can read the article Everything about Subtitling and Captioning.

Subtitling and captioning could raise better understanding of videos. 

Captions, subtitles and translation for media

Caption maker software

On some social media platforms like Facebook, the audio is turned off by default on the News Feed. In this case, adding subtitles to the video is more important.

The automatic subtitle generators powered by artificial intelligence offer a quick solution to some problems on subtitling video by yourself since they can generate subtitles for an entire video in just a few minutes.

Free Tools for Generating Video Subtitles

  1. YouTube Automatic Caption

Video content producers who already have their own YouTube channel can use the platform’s speech recognition technology to generate subtitles automatically after they upload a new video.

Generating automatic captions on YouTube is fairly simple, as you just have to upload a new video. Once the upload is complete, you should find that video in the Video Manager. Click on the Edit drop-down menu that is located next to your freshly uploaded video and choose the Subtitle/CC option.

After that, you will need to set up the video language before adding subtitles or CC.

  1. Facebook’s Automatic Caption Feature

This tool is only available in US English for advertisers in the US and Canada, and it can be quite useful for Facebook users who often upload videos in this language to their profiles.

you can go to your profile page and click on the Photo/Video option that is located in the Create Post menu. upload you video content on your Facebook page, insert the video’s title or add a comment about the video and click on the share button once the video is uploaded.

add captions automatically

The video will be revealed on your profile page, and you should click on the Generate button that is located at the top of the post.

Then,you should click on the Edit Post button, find the Subtitles & Captions (CC) option and choose the Video Language.

However, Facebook and youtube automatic caption features are not entirely reliable, which means that you have to proofread all subtitles it generates.

In Deskdub, captioning has been separated into two different types; Auto captioning and Pro captioning.

Auto captioning or Pro captioning

These days, most human works are combined with machines. We are in the age of technology where people prefer to do their work as easy as drinking a glass of water. They are more enthusiastic about saving more time.

Depending on their needs, they can choose the best options.

Auto captioning

With Deskdub you can easily caption your videos to text by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. subtitles will be generated in just a few minutes for your videos. You no longer need to spend hours of your valuable time editing your captions. 

  1. You can upload your videos or audios into Desksub auto caption.
  2. Your videos transcribe and translate in just minutes.
  3. You will be able to review and edit our translation easily.
  4.  Your video caption is ready to download in any formats you desired.
  5. You can download captions as closed-caption (CC), hardcoded or softsub.choose one format or download them all for free.

Deskdub auto caption has the best quality with the lowest price among other captioning services.You can add the most accurate captions to your videos in over 50 languages.

auto captions and subtitles

Pro captioning 

Although Creating subtitles for videos manually is a process that becomes increasingly more difficult as the duration of a video gets longer, it enhances the accuracy of the captioning. Why? A video contains a variety of sounds and voices that may be hard to recognize for auto captioning machines.

What’s more, the subtitles and captions have to be perfectly synced with the video and the audio, as subtitle and captions delay can cause a great deal of confusion.

As you know, some words have the same pronunciation with different dictations and meanings. In this case, an expert can notice the right spelling of words.

pro captioning time duration

Deskdub has the most accurate pro captioning service with 99.9% accuracy of captions.

Pro captioning video on Deskdub may take up to a few hours or more. But it wouldn’t be more than a few days on the whole. It all depends on the duration of the video.

Supported languages

You can add the most accurate captions to your videos in English, Arabic, German, French, Russian and Persian.

Pro captioning formats

You can upload video files with mov, avi,mp4 and mkv formats and audio files with mp3 format.

How does it work

You should follow these steps to upload your video content and get your caption file:

First, you need to create your own user account by signing up on the website. Then you upload your videos in the “creating Project” section and you’ll be transferred to the payment gateway. Once the process of transaction is completed, the software informs our experts to do the job . It takes a few hours to a few days until your captions get ready. (it depends on your original video).  then the caption file is ready for you to download.