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Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of translating and subtitling that would’ve taken hours to transcribe the sound of the video and translate it. and at last, create synced subtitles. Say hello to one-click editing online. No training is needed. And if you choose to have our pro services, you will have accurate results in a few hours. Because our experts work 24/7. If you ever need a hand, our support team is here to help.

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The most affordable subtitling, translating, and voice-over services in the world, are on Deskdub. It’s true. Look it up. In fact, we have tried to offer you the best quality at the lowest price. Whether you need auto-services or pro-service, we are able to use AI technology to reduce project duration and expenses. Furthermore, we always treat you with the respect and professionalism you deserve, which is uncommon in today’s business world.

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Video Translation

 You can make your video content accessible for audiences all over the world by Adding Subtitles to your videos in multiple languages. Or you can use content in any other languages translated to your own language. Our superb AI platform and highly experienced professional movie translators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide accurate subtitle translation services in any language with a quick turnaround.

By Deskdub’s AI-translation service, you can add editable subtitles to your videos easily in just a few minutes in over 50 languages. If you desire to have translation with the highest accuracy, we offer you Pro-translation service.


Give your audience a full experience by adding English captions (or any other language of your video).Add Captions to grab your audience’s attention and never miss out on a potential view. Also by adding captions you will boost your video SEO. This online tool allows you to freely include and make captions in just minutes.

With Deskdub’s Auto-Captioning service, subtitles will be generated in just a few minutes for your videos. If you desire to have captions with the highest accuracy, we offer you Pro-Captioning service. The output of both services are completely synced to the voice of your video. You can either download the subtitles as a separate file (softsub), or as burned-in subtitles (hardsub) or even as pre-rendered subtitle format. (it is completely free to choose the format).


Voice-over is one of the most frequently requested types of video translation, which DeskDub’s experts excel at. This can include everything from Auto voice-overs and voice replacement to off-screen narrations and full lip-sync dubbing, each with its own set of nuances and techniques required to provide a first-rate translation.On the other hand,  Timing is everything when it comes to voice-over translation. A successful recording will include a translation that matches the original video. That is why we developed an AI technology to do so.

 Our Auto Voice-Over Service can translate your movie and give your production a voice in +30 languages, whether you work with e-learning modules, video manuals for your products, global commercials, or movies.You can also have Professional Voice-Over with the voice of pro voice artists and narrators in 4 languages. (English, French, Arabic and, Persian)

Now it’s easy to boost your online audience by creating automated transcriptions, captions and voiceovers.

Why make your content more accessible?


Of consumers are more likely to watch entire video when captions are available


More shares when video has subtitles


Greater organic reach for Facebook videos with captions


Non English Youtube speakers


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We enhance the user experience of captions and translations with cutting-edge automation powered by artificial intelligence. So we could gain our customers’ trust and satisfaction through these years of hard work. And the numbers below confirm that.

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+50 languages of the world


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